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A historic farm
with a preserved ecosystem

Discover the history of Domaine de Graux and the values ​​that drive us. Here, everything is done to protect and regenerate the nature that surrounds our domain. This has been the case for more than 500 years.


We want to prove that agroecology is scalable at any size and leads to increases in crop resilience.

This is not only a source of hope for all, but it is also a response to current challenges linked to the degradation of biodiversity, climate change and consumption patterns in general.

"We are determined to create a healthy and equitable world for generations to come. We strive to inspire and support farmers in their transition to more sustainable approaches. Our goal is to create a community where individuals can connect with nature and the intricate web of the food system."




Respect the land and people. It is by nourishing the earth, and regenerating healthy soils, that we will once again be able to provide nutritious food for all.


It is by sharing our knowledge, drawing inspiration from research, and experimentation with new approaches that we can create a more sustainable future.


We believe that change is possible and that by working together, we can make the agroecological transition a success. Each and every one of us can make a difference.

Our story

Remember the past
to envision the future in a sustainable way

The beginnings of the farm
The history of the Domaine begins in the 15th century. The Seigneurie De Graux was then an important farm in the village.
The farm becomes a grain producer
Recognized for its stud farm of draft horses, the farm evolved with the times: It became a grain producer, under the impetus of its new owner, the Simon family.
The biodiversity of Graux is boosted
Passionate about ornithology, Paul Simon plants trees, hedges and digs ponds. An improvement of the natural habitat which gives the 120 hectares of the Domaine an exceptional ecological network.
The farm becomes organic certified
Elisabeth, daughter of Paul Simon, takes over. The farm becomes organic, crops living on soils are diversified, and the animals make their way into our farm.
Diversification of activities
The farm is renovated to become completely self-sufficient in terms of energy. A conservatory orchard of 9 ha is planted, a reception area is created to host private and professional events
Agroecology Europe Association founded at Domaine de Graux
The Agroecology Europe association was created on January 27, 2016 at Domaine de Graux, in the presence of 19 founders, from 10 different countries. Its aim is to develop and promote the transition to agricultural and food systems based on agroecology. How do we do this? By supporting research, education and training in the field of agroecology.
The acquisition by The Nest Family Office.
New owners bring fresh energy to the farm. The Nest invests in projects that have the capabilities, tools and technologies to transform our food system. Domaine de Graux is a prime example.
The goal? To be a place of (re)connection and help farmers and the entire value chain in their transition to more sustainable farming methods.
The continuation of our dreams
The Domaine de Graux is about to be transformed to amplify its impact.
On the program: development of reception areas and accommodations, collaborations, research and innovation around agroecology...

in the heart of nature

Organize your private or professional event (wedding, birthday, team building etc.) at Domaine de Graux, in Tournai, in the Province of Hainaut. A place of serenity and sustainable values.


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